Cool Gadgets that are Coming Soon to Wreak Havoc on your Budget

We give out plenty of financial advice here on our blog but, truth be told, where also technology geeks and we keep abreast of all the newest gadgets and electronics that are making their way to the market. With that in mind we’ve put together a fun little blog today about some of the coolest […]

Tips for Wisely Choosing a New Gadget.

If you’re like most people these days you probably love yourself some gadgets. The simple fact is, some of the gadgets being introduced into the market today are absolutely amazing and are not only super convenient but actually make your life a lot easier. The problem of course is that a lot of these gadgets […]

How to Pull the Best Technology from the Crowd

The world of technology can be a bit of a jungle, with numerous markets and an extensive product list generating constant new developments. Whether you’re buying a new phone, a DVD player or a computer, the range of features can be baffling, making it difficult to know where to compromise, if at all. Here, we […]

Some of the coolest gadgets that will be coming in 2013

2013 should be quite a year, new tech wise, and in order to make sure that you, our fabulous readers, are kept up to speed on all of the latest gadgets and gizmos we’ve put together a little list with some of the best and most highly anticipated that are going to be on the […]

When Mobile and Tablets Have a Baby it will look like the Asus FonePad.

Although you might not think of Asus when you think of tablets the fact that their Nexus 7 for Google was such a great machine proved them to be a competitor in the tablet arena. Now the company has put together a table / mobile phone that, like the Nexus 7, sports a large 7 […]

Unlocking Your Cell Phone Will Soon be Legal

For many Americans the problem with signing up for a specific carrier when they buy a specific mobile product, say an iPhone, is that they can’t switch carriers when their contract is over.  That is, unless they ‘unlock’ their phones, something that is illegal and could carry a penalty if someone is ‘caught’ doing it.  […]

Smartphones: Indispensable Even When on the Road?

A lot of us consistently rely on our smartphones to deliver anything and everything, from texting and emails to streaming media or a 20-minute near-record-beating performance on the glorious Temple Run 2. Still, we all have our moments when we take time out to use them. Often, it’s in front of a boring TV programme; […]

The Workings of the E-Cigarette

Please keep in mind that this article is coming from a reformed smoker of many years.  When people speak of addiction heavy narcotics like cocaine and heroin come to mind.  Very few people think about cigarettes because they are legally sold.  The truth is that cigarettes are just about the hardest thing in the world […]

The Evolution Of Games: How Far Have They Made It?

Games have been a reliable source of entertainment for thousands of years. When a long day of work is over,there is nothing like relaxing at home, unwinding, and playing a fun game. They not only help people to relax, butthey bring a smile to the players as they socialize and help them to forget about […]

Customising WordPress to Enhance Ranking

Over 80% of WordPress sites rely on the basic settings used by WordPress when it is initially installed. By customizing the features you can set your site apart and above all of these sites with minimal effort and little technical know-how. Optimise Titles for Each Post The default setting for WordPress places the blog title […]