Samsung’s newest Galaxy, the S5, will have an Active “rugged” variant and some others

One of the biggest complaints that most consumers have about smart phones is that, as phenomenal as the technology behind them happens to be, one wrong move around water and their expensive gadget becomes a worthless piece of plastic and metal. A very expensive worthless piece of plastic and metal. Samsung however is about to […]

The 4 Best Android Tablets on the Market Right Now

Many people don’t want to get locked into the ecosystem of Apple products and resist buying an iPad or an iPad mini because of this. The fact is however that, these days, Android has plenty of excellent tablets on the market that are giving the iPad a run for its money. Not only are they […]

Three Must Have Apps for Your Android Phone

The Android phone is a powerful tool that can be used for business as well as entertainment. However, the Android phone is only as powerful as the Apps that are installed on the phone. These applications, famously abbreviated to Apps have more or less been the final point that people go to, when it comes […]

6 Most Useful Android Phone Apps

Aren’t apps just the coolest thing? It never ceases to amaze me when I hear about a new app that I can take on the go with me. But personally, I’m just not that into playing games on my device.. I’m sure it’s fun but I get bored with that kind of stuff too easily. […]

How to Connect Computer to Internet using Android Phone

Some days before I was looking for a procedure to connect my Computer to Internet using Samsung Galaxy Ace but many times I failed using many different methods like dial up connection, driver installation and other stuffs. Finally I got a simple trick to connect any Android mobile to the internet via USB. This is […]

How Android SDK Useful for Mobile Apps Development

The commercial that said “There’s an App for that” had no idea how accurate that phrase would really be.   According to reports there are approximately 550,000 apps available for the Android market. Every day the need for new apps is growing. With the need for new apps skyrocketing app designers can design new apps […]

Helpful Android Apps You Can Use for Your Business

Without a doubt, Android has helped revolutionize the way people conduct their business. With the OS now the top smartphone platform, Android offers a wide range of apps that you can use for your business. Here is a glimpse of some must-have Android apps that every businessman cannot leave without.  Documents to Go Whether you […]

7 Useful Android Apps for Kids

Android is known for its huge collection of apps, it contain apps of all category from free to paid one. The Android market not only contains apps for adult but it has apps for children too. These apps give useful information to your child in fun and interactive way. By using these apps children learn […]

Best Photo Sharing Apps for Your Loving Android Device

The android market has already become saturated with apps. So finding the best photo sharing app for your android device is supposed to be an easy task but this is certainly not the case.  Given the overwhelming number of photo sharing applications available, locating the best photo sharing and editing application for your android phone […]

How to Take Screen Capture in Samsung Android Mobiles

Android OS comes with many inbuilt cool features. One of the best feature is Screenshot Click. You can make a Screenshot of your Samsung Mobile display easily by a simple trick. This is useful while surfing on the Internet through your mobiles and you want to get serene capture of the webpages. So you can […]