How to choose Best VPN Provider for Android

No wonder, Android is among the most sought OS to empower the handheld devices of the contemporary times. It has left the rival OS developers way behind in functionality, usability and interactive features, prominently VPN. Hence, it comes as no surprise if you too decide to buy one of them  to allow an uninterruptible access […]

Best Most Useful Android Apps and Widgets

Everyone knows that now Android is the most powerful OS. This is an open source Operating system that is why we can find many of applications, games and widgets. You can download mostly all the Android apps and widgets free from the Internet. These are very easy to install and use.    After searching many […]

The Cheapest Android Smartphones Worth Buying

Budget smartphones are a great thing if you know what to look for, unfortunately many of us don’t know what to look for in a budget smartphone, and end up with something undesirable. Luckily for you, this list of affordable Android smartphones will help you decide what to look for when you finally decide to buy […]

Best Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet to Buy

Android Ice Cream is the latest version of Android and comes with many smartphone and tablets. Now days tablets are the first choice if people go for multimedia gadgets in which they can watch movies, surf Internet and listen their favorite songs. There are many tablets launched by many companies as a result many people […]

5 Motion Sensor Racing Games For Samsung Android Phones

Android is hot these times especially for games and apps. Android is owned by Google that is why there are millions of apps on the Internet for this amazing Operating system. There are many sensor games which support motions and these lets you to groove with your mobiles by shaking and rotating. I am also […]

Android App Leverage: Installing Unsupported Apps on Your Android Device

Android is a roll since 2009 and has shown no signs of stopping its ever increasing influence anytime soon. Android native app store; Android Market rose from nothingness scorned by critics a weak OS and developer program to embrace the values of tablet computing, outsourcing, heavy application and developer support as well as cloud computing […]

Multiplayer Strategy Games and Apps for Android

Multiplayers Games are the best choice of Android users as compared to single user games. Multiplayer games lets you and your friends to play together with full of fun and adventure which is the best way to spend some time with your friends.  You can go for Android Market to download apps and games of […]

Install Android Ice Cream 4.0.3 Latest Version on Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most powerful mobile available in the market which comes with 1.2 Ghz Dual Core processor and 1 GB of Ram. Android presented the latest version of Android OS recently. This is Android Ice Cream 4.0.3. Many peoples who use Android Phones are trying to update their Android version to this […]

Some Android Issues That Every User Must Be Aware Of

Google’s executive chairman recently announced that the Android was ahead of its main rival, the iPhone in terms of unit volume sales, much lower pricing, greater number of vendors and most important of the all, the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). He emphasized that the size of the market share wasn’t everything. Currently, there are […]

SPB Shell 3D App – New 3D Interface for Android Phone

Next is 3D. thats why people love 3D. Today 3D interface is attracting customers towards various products like 3D TV, 3D movies and now 3D mobiles. There are 3D display mobiles are available in he market but those are higher in cost and is vey tricky for low budget people to buy it. Well nowdays […]