The Best Sunglass Applications on the Android Platform

That we have entered the spring and summer season many new sunglass designs are hitting the market. Luckily, it’s easy to keep up on all of these trends simply by downloading one of these helpful applications off of the Android platform. So whether you’re a die-hard sunglass collector or simply in the market for a […]

The Best Financial Apps for your Smartphone

When it comes to basic family finances and budgeting, today there is really no excuse to do them badly or ignore them completely because of the huge variety of financial apps available for smartphones. With that in mind,  we’ve put together a list of some of the best based on several criteria. Enjoy. Virtual Wallet […]

Mobile Phone Apps have Changed our Lives!

Mobile phone apps have changed our lives! I know that sounds extreme but when you stop and think about that statement you realize just how true it is. From mapping our destination, to weight loss assistance, and even gaming apps, there is something for everyone out there. When smartphones first came out I thought they […]

Into Content Consumption? Check Out These Apps!

Let’s face it, there is so much content online that’s interesting, useful or just plain entertaining that trying to keep up with it all is a losing game. Keeping up with news, trends, education and important business information is vital, but tedious. The simple fact is that there’s so much excellent content being thrown onto […]

The Top 4 Mobile Payment Apps that are Changing the Way we Pay

Although you may not have noticed it yet, smart phones are quickly transforming into the wallets of the future. Nearly 60% of all American adults now owns smart phones and almost 40% use them exclusively to surf the web. Smartphones are being used to do practically everything these days from taking pictures to listening to […]

A Collection of some of the Best Apps for your Smart phone.

People around the world love their smart phones and one of the main reasons is because of all the wonderful Apps that make using them such a joy. There are apps for grocery lists, games, calendars, notes, news and practically anything else you can think of. (Seriously, there’s an app for practically everything!) With that […]

Phone Apps, the 8th Wonder of the World

Phone apps have become as common place as drinking water, in fact the word “application” has been all but edged out of existence thanks to its leaner competitor “app”.  While the Blackberry was undoubtedly the first real smartphone, we truly have Apple and it’s now infamous iPhone to thank for the barrage of apps we […]

Do you need an App to help you with your Budget? Yes, you do

One of the best things that you can do financially is to set up a budget and stick to it. That, however, is easier said than done. Many people start out with the hope of finding out where they are wasting money, spending less and  stuffing as much cash into their savings and retirement plans […]

6 Best Google Chrome Apps

The main reason for Google Chrome being an excellent browser is the apps that come with it. All of them are fun but what sets them apart is that they have balanced utility with the perfect ease of use.  These applications are safe and can be installed to run in your browser, making life easier […]

Top 5 Best Blackberry Apps for Photographers

Photo editing applications are must these days in smart phones like Blackberry. After clicking a photo you may need to edit or make some additional changes to the photo before forwarding them to your friends and others or publishing them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. There are number of photo editing software […]