3 Ways to Make Your Blog More Relevant

Experts estimate that there are currently over 400 million active English language blogs. That’s a lot. That’s more than a lot. But the truth is that it probably doesn’t even come as a shock to read a statistic like that. You have your own blog and you personally know a handful of people that have […]

How to Expand Width of Blogger Template

Sometimes Blogger users want to increase the width of their template because they want their blog look healthy and user friendly just like WordPress themes available on the Internet. The width plays a vital role in the design of a blog. You have seen that many of the bloggers use full width size themes on […]

How to Add Floating Contact Button Widget to Blogger

Contact page is very important for any blog or Website. Using this page your visitors and advertisers can contact for their purpose. You can attract them to your contact page by doing some tricks. One of the most used trick is to add floating contact button link. Using this you can make the your Contact […]

5 Great Looking Free Blogger Templates for 2012

Last year many Blogger templates were developed by hard working developers. Some of them are mostly liked and used by Blogger platform users because of their professional look and design. You can find millions of Blogger templates on the Internet these days, it is because of increase in number of Blogspot users. Here we are […]

Tutorial to Add Facebook Like Box in Blogger Blog

If you are looking for a tutorial to add Facebook Fan Like Box the you can add it by following the simple steps given in this post. We are on Blogger platform and made this very simple for bloggers who are using Blogspot platform. Just follow the simple steps below to add you like box […]

How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google for Indexing

Basically sitemap is a simple text file which consist of your post links and pages on your blog/site. Webmasters recommends to submit sitemap to Google for crawling. In WordPress blogs its easy to submit sitemap through plugins but in the case of Blogger blog it is a bit complicated.   To make it easy we […]

How to Install CommentLuv Plugin on Blogger Platform

I am looking for CommentLuv Plugin for my blog and finally I have added that plugin. This is the most popular commenting plugin available on the Internet. Adding this plugin on your blog let you to get more exposure from your visitors and readers. There are many popular sites which are using this commenting plugin […]

Cool Gadgets for Blogger

This post is featuring cool gadgets for blogger blogs which you can use on your Blogger blogs to make your blog healthy and attractive. Some people think that your blogs on Blogger platform do not have plugins and gadgets like other Blogging platforms. Let me tell you that it is not true now. Blogger improved […]

Best Jquery Widgets and Plugins For Blogger

An advanced design plugin which makes your blog attractive with slides and scroll features. Its easy to add this plugins to your Blogger blogs. Many of Probloggers are using this genuine features on their blogs and working fine with it. Basically Jquery is a code written plugin which you can add in the body of […]

5 Golden Ways to Improve Blog Traffic and Search Engine Ranking

Bloggers use many ways to get traffic to their blogs and to get higher search engine rankings. In this post I am sharing some golden ways to improve Blog Traffic and Rankings. I hope you Like these ways and help to get you more traffic and high ranking. 1. Content is everythingMost new bloggers try […]