Cool Gadgets for Blogger

This post is featuring cool gadgets for blogger blogs which you can use on your Blogger blogs to make your blog healthy and attractive. Some people think that your blogs on Blogger platform do not have plugins and gadgets like other Blogging platforms. Let me tell you that it is not true now. Blogger improved […]

Best Jquery Widgets and Plugins For Blogger

An advanced design plugin which makes your blog attractive with slides and scroll features. Its easy to add this plugins to your Blogger blogs. Many of Probloggers are using this genuine features on their blogs and working fine with it. Basically Jquery is a code written plugin which you can add in the body of […]

5 Golden Ways to Improve Blog Traffic and Search Engine Ranking

Bloggers use many ways to get traffic to their blogs and to get higher search engine rankings. In this post I am sharing some golden ways to improve Blog Traffic and Rankings. I hope you Like these ways and help to get you more traffic and high ranking. 1. Content is everythingMost new bloggers try […]

How to Get Complete SEO Report of your Blog

If you are a dedicated Blogger then you can check the CEO report of your Blog by the help of this free SEO report creater. A Blog must be properly optimized for search engines. Without correct optimization your Blog is unsuccessful and cant be search by search engines, you can’t see your blog appearing in […]

Best SEO Tools for Blogger – Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

After setting up a Blog every Blogger looks for SEO tools on the internet. The search engine provides many SEO tools for use. Sometimes blog owners confuse from the huge number of SEO tools on the internet. The tools on the first page of search engine used by many users. For good search engine optimization […]

How to Adjust Number of Post per Pages in Blogger

Blogger is the best platform for blogging purpose. But sometimes Blog Owners confuse to fix common problems in their blogs. Number of post per page or per label is the most common problem faced by mostly all bloggers. By default blogger provide 20 posts per page of the label categories. When all the 20 posts […]

Blogger Account Limitations You Should Know

If you are a Blogger user then you have to know your Blogger account limits. Below you can find the limitations in a Blogger account. This is a unique information to a blogger user. I hope it will help you in your Blogger career. Blog Limitations: – Length of your Blog title should be of […]

Rolling Cloud Label Widget For Blogger Users

Its an Awesome widget ever made for Blogger to show Labels in sidebar of your blog. Previously this nice widget was designed for WordPress only but now its available for Blogger also. By this widget you can easily goto your labels in a fantastic way. You can easily add this awesome widget to your Blog […]

Get Mashable Like Blogger template for your blog

These days there are many free templates for free download on the internet. Many bloggers and website designers download these templates but sometimes they unsatisfied from the downloaded template because of lack of professional design and ads features. This cool template is designed by Franklin manual. He is a professional blogger and designer. I am […]