I Love My New Dell XPS 12

I’ve had the same laptop for about 6 years now, a Dell, that has lasted longer than I thought I would.  But it has been slowly fading on me for the past year and left me with no choice but to purchase a new laptop.  Since this is a once in a decade moment for […]

How to Secure Your System from Online Threats

More and more people today are using their computers for everything from educational purposes to living life that involves pay bills online to balancing their checkbooks. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your computer safe, and this being safe does especially apply to preventing people from being able to hack into it from the very […]

How to Start Defragment of Your Hard Drive

Once you use Windows Operating System you should perform a defragmentation of the hard drive. Information that is stored on the hard drive is not necessarily located in one set position. During the course of using your computer data can be fragmented especially as you continue to save more data on the hard drive.   Once […]

5 Best Budget Wireless Mouse Prices

Wires are disappearing with full speed now days. The new era of wireless technology covered the whole gadget and computer world. The wires are gone from keyboards and mouses and this made the computing much better than before with out any problems in an easy way. People are going for bluetoth enabled wireless mouses and […]