3 Athletic Watches: Sync your workout to your gadget fix

Whether you are running a marathon or just going to kickboxing class, athletes need their gadgets to make working out and feeling great fun and easier. From training assist watches to ones that offer the ultimate water resistance, Sports Authority, has the best sport watches covered. The Garmin Fenix 2 Training Watch is ideal for […]

Do using Fitness Bands expose you to more Risk? Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of this blog series we talked about how consumers are adopting fitness bands and other devices and apps on a record scale. We also talked about how those devices and apps store and sometimes share valuable data about a person’s identity and health, data that can be used by cyber criminals and […]

Do using Fitness Bands expose you to more Risk? Part 3 of 3

Now that we’ve most likely scared you to death about using your fitness device or app, we come to Part 3 with advice on how to protect yourself. Simply put, never take your privacy for granted in any way. Even though that new, shiny app or device might look wonderful and help you to have […]

Do using Fitness Bands expose you to more Risk? Part 1 of 3

Back when mobile banking was first made available, consumers fell in love with the new technology and adopted it very quickly. The same is happening with fitness devices and apps which, in 2013, generated over $230 million in sales. It’s predicted that by 2017 sport and fitness apps will grow by over 60%, according to […]

Five of 2014s coolest Gadgets

Just for a little bit of fun we thought we bring you a blog today about 5 of the coolest gadgets that are either coming soon or are already here for 2014. If you like gadgets as much as we do around here, you probably have seen one or two of these already because, frankly, […]

3 New Gadgets just in time for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner we thought we’d put together a little blog with 3 cool Gadgets that will help you to throw some excellent parties, keep your guests happy and bring in the new year with a little style. Enjoy. The Instant Party Speaker Let’s face it, a good party not only […]

5 Sweet Gadgets that Make Great Gifts for Christmas 2013

If you’ve noticed that the goose is getting fat, it means of course that Christmas is coming. Unless you want your proverbial goose to be cooked on Christmas morning, make sure that you get the gadget lovers in your family something that they will truly enjoy. To help you, we put together a list of […]

The Different Methods of 3D Printing

In a recent blog we talked about the arrival of 3-D printing and how it’s going to literally change the world. Many people have asked about the different types of 3-D printers and 3-D printing methods on the market and, with that in mind, we put together today’s blog to explain a little bit about […]

5 Tech Gadgets for Kids Right Now

In today’s children are much more into technology then kids from just a few years ago and for good reason; there’s much more technology and gadgets today that are being developed that aim directly at kids. While we’re quite sure that there are very few children reading our blogs we know that once our readers […]

The Top 10 Awesome Gadgets for 2013 (at least for now)

Raise your hand if you love gadgets! Around here we absolutely love them and, as a break from the usual informative (but relatively dry) financial information we’ve got a little treat for you, our dear readers. The following top 10 gadgets are definitely on our radar and, if you love them as much as we […]