Cool Gadgets that are Coming Soon to Wreak Havoc on your Budget

We give out plenty of financial advice here on our blog but, truth be told, where also technology geeks and we keep abreast of all the newest gadgets and electronics that are making their way to the market. With that in mind we’ve put together a fun little blog today about some of the coolest […]

Tips for Wisely Choosing a New Gadget.

If you’re like most people these days you probably love yourself some gadgets. The simple fact is, some of the gadgets being introduced into the market today are absolutely amazing and are not only super convenient but actually make your life a lot easier. The problem of course is that a lot of these gadgets […]

How to Pull the Best Technology from the Crowd

The world of technology can be a bit of a jungle, with numerous markets and an extensive product list generating constant new developments. Whether you’re buying a new phone, a DVD player or a computer, the range of features can be baffling, making it difficult to know where to compromise, if at all. Here, we […]

Some of the coolest gadgets that will be coming in 2013

2013 should be quite a year, new tech wise, and in order to make sure that you, our fabulous readers, are kept up to speed on all of the latest gadgets and gizmos we’ve put together a little list with some of the best and most highly anticipated that are going to be on the […]

The Workings of the E-Cigarette

Please keep in mind that this article is coming from a reformed smoker of many years.  When people speak of addiction heavy narcotics like cocaine and heroin come to mind.  Very few people think about cigarettes because they are legally sold.  The truth is that cigarettes are just about the hardest thing in the world […]

5 Reasons Your Office Needs a Multi-Function Device

Mutli-Function Devices (MFDs) are pieces of technology that vastly improve production and efficiency for any business. They have the potential to save a company thousands of dollars while increasing profits by way of streamlining productivity in the workplace. There are five main reasons why you should consider an MFD for your office: 1. They do […]

A Review of Features in Microsoft Tablet

In 2002, Bill Gates presented the first computer tablet, but it seems like the world was not prepared for it. The tablet was surprising, but the impact was insignificant. Compared with the fuzz about the first iPad that was released eight years later, we can say that this must be a really frustrating aspect for […]

4 Best Touch Screen Watches for Men

Touch screen displays in all gadgets seems to be the in thing and all the watch companies seem to have recognized this demand for the touch screen display and are coming up with watches that have futuristic designs and a touch screen display. These watches no doubt look splendid and to add to it they […]

Lowest Price 7 inch Tablets below Rs 10000

Tablets are getting cheaper every week. The latest 7 inch tablets which comes under Rs 10000 are given below. We collected 3 best tablets and mentioned the best prices which you can get from your nearby stores. Now days every one want a tablet similar to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablets in lower prices. […]

A review on Asus Eee Pad

Asus is amongst one of the companies that has established itself as one of the best makers of laptops. They have launched laptops that have just won the hearts of the people. Now Asus tries to make the same kind of impressions in the world of Tablets. Once more, Asus is not the only company […]