Best Android Tablets under $100 Price

There are many brand companies which provide low cost tabs to the customers. People especially in India preferring these low priced tabs. These areĀ  available in market with good features. You can get a tablet worth $100 and have fun with it. Here i have collected some best android tabs below $100. Have a look! […]

Aakash: World’s cheapest Tablet Computer launched all over India

Finally India’s Cheapest tablet computer launched. The name given to the computer is “Akash”. The word Akash means Sky in Hindi Language. The government keep the price very low as much possible. It comes in the market at a price of $35 approx. After many years of wait, finally it launched in India. Many people […]

Specifications of $35 Akash Tablet Computer of India

India is going with the tech world. A cheapest Tablet Computer recently launched in India. It is built to spread knowledge and give aware information to all the people of India. Government announced the price of this smart mobile computer. It is available at a price of $35 in the market. It is a gift […]

Nokia NFC Mobiles with Better Connectivity

This month Nokia launch its new amazing handsets with NFC technology. All these comes with Symbian Belle. These are very affordable handsets with the unique price of Rs 13,000 – Rs 19,000. These mobiles are launched by Shahrukh Khan this month. These amazing mobiles fulfill all the latest requirements of the customers. In this category […]

iPhone 5 will include both GSM and CDMA

Apple hinted that iPhone 5 will launch like a universal mobile, it support both GSM and CDMA. Apple said that it will be a global device in mobile industry because it will operate both GSM and CDMA networks. Many mobile seekers are waiting for this iPhone % mobile because of its dual network. Experts said […]

Best budget Nokia mobiles comes with great price and best features

Mobile company Nokia launched its best budget mobiles which comes with cheap affordable prices. These mobiles are the best choice of Indian customers because of cheaper price and better performance with greater battery backup. Nokia built these smart mobile phones keeping in view all the demands of the customers of India as well as its […]

Best Mobile Phone for True Gaming Experience

Now-days mobile is humans first choice because it entertain us, connect us and help us to share. If you bored with your daily life or bored in office and you are gaming freaker who want to experience better gaming in your mobile, so there is a gadget which suites you very much. The smartphone we […]