Your Guide to Free Trading Tools

If you are new to day trading, you will want to find and utilize the best in free trading tools the internet has to offer. The good news is there are A LOT of useful, free tools out there. The bad news is there are a lot of bad free tools or even worse what […]

How to Get Rid of Spyware Out of Your PC

Spyware is a dangerous kind of application that could be inside your computer without you even being aware that you have it. Spyware can get into your computer and monitor every single action that you are using on it. You need to be aware of what you can do when it comes to how to […]

How to Use Transmission App

Transmission is an open source bit torrent client that is available on multiple platforms for use; although the application is available on multiple platforms across various UNIX based operating systems and on the Apple Macintosh operating system, it is currently not available for the Windows operating system and considering the plethora of available bit torrent […]

How to Secure Your System from Online Threats

More and more people today are using their computers for everything from educational purposes to living life that involves pay bills online to balancing their checkbooks. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your computer safe, and this being safe does especially apply to preventing people from being able to hack into it from the very […]

How to Start Defragment of Your Hard Drive

Once you use Windows Operating System you should perform a defragmentation of the hard drive. Information that is stored on the hard drive is not necessarily located in one set position. During the course of using your computer data can be fragmented especially as you continue to save more data on the hard drive.   Once […]

How to Connect Computer to Internet using Android Phone

Some days before I was looking for a procedure to connect my Computer to Internet using Samsung Galaxy Ace but many times I failed using many different methods like dial up connection, driver installation and other stuffs. Finally I got a simple trick to connect any Android mobile to the internet via USB. This is […]

How to Set Your Privacy Settings for Safer Social Media

Social media is all about sharing, but it’s hard to protect your identity when you are posting and tweeting all day long. How can you keep your private information to yourself while sharing your thoughts with the public? It takes a combination of understanding how each social media platform works, which settings to choose, and […]

How to Choose a Dependable Cloud

Cloud hosting plays a significant role in modern computing as technology becomes more mobile. A cloud facilitates mobile data access while also providing automation, greater flexibility, reduced costs and increased storage potential. Of course, cloud services are not without risks, including security and privacy. With that in mind, let’s explore how to find a safe […]

How to Remove Shortcut Arrow from Desktop Icons

If you install any windows theme or any other wallpaper, sometimes you can see that arrows are showing under the icons in the desktop. These arrows looks bad in your desktop. You can remove these arrows instantly by using a simple trick in your computer. This trick do not harm your system, so do not […]