Has the MS Surface Pro 3 finally gotten it right? Part 1 of 2

Microsoft’s Surface computer, if you didn’t already know, is a tablet computer and a laptop in one, a hybrid of both that has definitely had its fair share of detractors for its first and second version. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 might finally have gotten it right however. As a tablet it’s very similar to […]

The Best 5 Ultrabooks Currently Available

Ultrabooks are the latest trend in laptop design. The term is a trademarked invention of Intel and does not signify some new class of computer, but rather lighter, thinner computers that are more powerful than netbooks, and more portable than the standard laptop computer. To be defined as an Ultrabook, a computer must meet certain […]

3 Best Asus Full HD Screen Laptops

Asus is the emerging Laptop Brand in the Market and Frequently launching its sensational laptops in the market. Recently Transformer Pad Infinity 700 Launched by Asus with great features like Full HD Display and a comfortable compact size with impressive quad core technology. In this post we added 3 Best Asus Laptops with great HD […]