6 Must Have Applications for Mac

Mac iOS is totally different OS from windows OS, That’s why it contain application which is different from windows app. Therefore most of the new users don’t know which application run on their Mac and which application is best for them for doing certain work on it. Here we bring some useful Mac applications which […]

Best Bluetooth Mouse Settings for Mac OS

Sometimes people find problems with the Mouse Preferences settings on Mac Operating system. This is because Mac comes with default mouse settings and adjustments and you have to face problems with slow tracking, scrolling and click effect. By default the tracking speed is very low and scroll rate is set to 40%. Mostly computer users […]

How to Disable Screen Zoom in Mac OS

Some time Mac users get irritated with the inbuilt zooming effect. You can disable it using simple steps. This is one of the unique feature in Mac OS to zoom your display which can help you to see your images or small font text in an easy way. There is a short cut to use […]

How to Connect Mac to a Windows Computer with Ethernet Cable

Some people found tricky to connect Mac to Windows Computer to transfer files and share network. It is easy to connect both with help of Ethernet port. Yes you can connect Mac and PC using an Ethernet Port Cable. You can create a small network connection between Mac and PC using Ethernet Cable and share […]

What is the Use of Parental Controls in Mac OS

Many Mac users do not know about this inbuilt Parental Control feature in Mac OS. This is a special option for your children in Mac OS. This Parental Control feature helps you to adjust settings of your Mac for your Children.For example – you can manage your Mac settings like application and Internet connection. If […]

How to Resize your Images using iResize

If you are looking for an Image Resizing tool for Mac OS then you are at the right place. You ca get the Image Resizing application to play with your images from here. Mac OS do not comes with an inbuilt option to resize photos and images. You have to add an extra application for […]

How to Erase or Format your USB Drives Using Disk Utility in Mac OS

Erasing USB Drives is an easy procedure using Disk Utility in your Utilities option on your Mac OS. You can easily erase all your data in USB Drives more than one time and it can be used again and again. Also you can erase data from your Hard Drive or Rewritable CDs and DVDs securely. […]

Problem Solutions with connecting to the Internet in Mac OS

Mostly people face many problems while connecting to the Internet in Mac Operating System. May be that is due to simple small problems but in most of the cases people can’t find the solution for that. Sometimes a little problem cannot let you to connect the Internet. In this post we will discuss some working […]

Recommended Dock Size and Magnification in Mac Operating System

Mac is an outstanding invention by Apple Corporation. It is widely used OS around the world after Windows. Mostly in US there are 75% people using Mac OS. It consist of many amazing features which you cannot find in Windows. Also it gives much better quality as compared to Windows. Unlike Windows the Mac OS […]

How to Change Color Theme and Appearance of Buttons-Menus and Windows in Mac OS

If you are looking theme for Mac Operating system then its just a waste of your Mac’s Memory because custom theme eat much memory of your Mac OS. In earlier days I installed some theme packs in my Mac OS to change the look and appearance but I was facing many problem on launching any […]