Is it time for Cell Phones to have a ‘Kill Switch’?

More than 3 million people in the United States had their cell phones stolen in 2013, almost double the amount of 2012 according to a survey recently released by Consumer Reports. Donna Tappellini, a senior editor at Consumer Reports, says that “you have to take into account the fact that there are more smart phone […]

The Top 3 Smart Phones This Winter

We are in the thick of the shopping season and many people are going to be buying new smart phones, so we decided to put together a quick blog about the Top 3 on the market right now. Enjoy. Frankly, there are so many excellent smart phones available that choosing the top three was actually […]

Comparing the HTC One Max to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

What do you get when you cross a smartphone with a tablet? A “Phablet” of course, the latest trend in smartphones that combines a smart phone and what amounts to a very small tablet computer. These “supersized” smartphones have proven to be quite popular and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is  at the top of […]

Stick with Verizon Wireless?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the latest or not, but T-Mobile is making a huge bid for market share in the wireless industry!  They have recently announced a new shared plan that would allow two people on the same plan to have unlimited minutes, texts, and data for about $120 a month.  I dont […]

Smartphones: Indispensable Even When on the Road?

A lot of us consistently rely on our smartphones to deliver anything and everything, from texting and emails to streaming media or a 20-minute near-record-beating performance on the glorious Temple Run 2. Still, we all have our moments when we take time out to use them. Often, it’s in front of a boring TV programme; […]

Mobile Phone Handset Comparisons

Apart from making and receiving calls we’re all different in terms of what we use our mobile phones for. If you’re a huge music fan, you may want the latest features to make your listening the best possible on the move. If so, you could consider phones like the Apple iPhone 4 or the HTC […]

Nokia Lumia 900: Toughness and Beauty Rolled Into On

Finally, the most awaited as well as anticipated the Nokia Lumia 800 has become officially released throughout the CES 2012 in Las Vegas. HTC released the modern Lumia 900 featuring a 4.3″ AMOLED monitor as well as LTE technological innovation. When it comes to the particular successor of the Lumia 800 you will certainly love […]

5 Best Mobile Phones for Web Browsing

Now you can surf whole Internet on your mobile with whole site interface also. But the problem is some mobiles are not recommended for Internet Surfing because they get hang for a while when a heavy web page is loaded. There are many mobiles in the Market which are built for mostly for Internet Browsing. […]

List of Best 5 Megapixel Camera Mobiles

Now days a good camera is more important than other features of any mobile mostly among youth and new emerging photographers. Yeah I am talking about the people who love to click images anytime to capture their precious seconds. There are many of the mobiles which comes with nice camera quality and resolution but most […]

Best Features of Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3 Mobile

Finally Samsung launched another beast of Galaxy series called S3 in mobile market. Most of the features of this Smartphone are similar to Samsung galaxy S2 and Note But there are many other unique features updated in this gadget which makes it more powerful than other S series mobiles. We collected some best Features of […]