How to Manage Data Gathering for Your Business

Data gathering is now primordial for companies. They have to know as many things as possible on their users and clients to improve what they offer. With the constant increase in the popularity of electronic devices in everybody’s daily life, it’s easy for companies to collect data. Companies can also sell or trade information about […]

The Role of Tech in Online Trading

Stock trading is an exciting way to make money, and the use of tech is imperative to achieving access. With the use of online tools it’s far more accessible for even beginner traders to become involved, and to trade successfully. The time between a trade being initiated and completed is the ultimate aim of any […]

5 Easy Ways to Increase your Savings Account

You do not have to completely change your ways of life in order to see your savings account start to grow.  The trick is though, is that any money you save you need to put it in a savings account.  I realize that is not the most fun approach, but there comes a time when […]

The best ways to spend an extra $1000.00

If, for whatever reason, you’ve got $1000 hanging around that you don’t know what to do with, start by investing part of it in inexpensive personal finance software.  Today’s blog will tell you a number of other excellent ways that you can either spend it or put it to work for you. Enjoy. Now, unfortunately, […]

Today is Birthday of the Admin of DigitFox – A Technology Blog

October 8 is an important day for DigitFox. Itender Rawat – The Owner and Editor in Chief of born on 8th Of October 1990 in Army Cant Area of Jammu and Kashmir. He completed his 21 years of his life by facing many happy and sad moments. About Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir, […]