Social SEO Tips for Your Content Credibility

How many times have you browsed over to a blog or a website, gone through its content and comments and then bunked any appraisal or criticism citing them as false? Well, that must be a pretty high number of occurrences. This is what you must keep in mind when you are putting up contents and […]

How to Set Your Privacy Settings for Safer Social Media

Social media is all about sharing, but it’s hard to protect your identity when you are posting and tweeting all day long. How can you keep your private information to yourself while sharing your thoughts with the public? It takes a combination of understanding how each social media platform works, which settings to choose, and […]

5 Music Apps to Maximize Social Media Exposure

When Facebook came along in 2004, many early adopters were proud to declare how superior it was as a social media platform to the then popular MySpace. Naysayers, however, argued that MySpace had greater appeal due to its fully integrated music player and official band pages. Some even went as far as to say that […]

How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Build Your Blog Community

Anyone who is just starting out as a blogger knows that once you get your blog set up and start writing articles, you need to get traffic to those articles. And who is going to read, share and talk about your content? People who are interested in what you’re writing about. So… how do you […]

How to Use Press Release in Your Social Media Marketing Mix

Press release is promotional in nature. At least, this is what we know about it and therefore integrating PR in a social media marketing mix is sure to raise the hackles of most marketers. However, it has its own shares of benefits and if you manage to use them to your advantage, you can see […]