7 of the Coolest New Gadgets on the Market (that are Mostly for Men)

We’re big on blogs about all sorts of financial topics around here and yes, we realize that occasionally that stuff gets a little bit dry. Today, just for a bit of fun, were going to look at 7 really cool new gadgets that have hit the market recently (or will be hitting it very soon). […]

10 New products that will change the world. Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2! In our first blog we talked about 5 incredible new products and technologies that will surely change the world over the coming years. From augmented reality glasses to 3-D laser printers that you can use at home the products that we’re highlighting are all revolutionary in their ideas and design […]

10 New products that will change the world. Part 1

Technology today is moving at light speed and it seems that every week there’s a new product that comes along that is simply amazing. The 10 new products that were going to be talking about in this 2-part blog series are all ‘wow’ type of products that, as far as we can see, are going […]

New Technology Making a Nurse’s Job Easier

Nurses have a physically demanding job, despite contrary belief, especially someone with a Ph.D in nursing. If you are a nurse, you are always moving from place to place. Nurses, on average, spend almost an hour just answering the phone each time. This isn’t including the time they spend doing other tasks, such as walking […]

Fitbit Flex is Wired’s choice for an almost perfect sleep and activity tracker

There have been quite a few devices introduced to the market in the last few years to help people to track their sleep habits at night and their weight loss activities during the day. Feedback that these devices give can help someone to become more active or get a better night’s rest and indeed some […]

When Mobile and Tablets Have a Baby it will look like the Asus FonePad.

Although you might not think of Asus when you think of tablets the fact that their Nexus 7 for Google was such a great machine proved them to be a competitor in the tablet arena. Now the company has put together a table / mobile phone that, like the Nexus 7, sports a large 7 […]

Unlocking Your Cell Phone Will Soon be Legal

For many Americans the problem with signing up for a specific carrier when they buy a specific mobile product, say an iPhone, is that they can’t switch carriers when their contract is over.  That is, unless they ‘unlock’ their phones, something that is illegal and could carry a penalty if someone is ‘caught’ doing it.  […]

First Antivirus for Windows 8 from Bitdefender

Bitdefender presented the all new Security program designed specifically for Windows 8. This antivirus consist of pretty nice features like proactive scan app, easy start protection, Scan Boost  and safety information. According to the users it is one of the best solution for Internet threats and remarkably doing great job specially with the new OS […]

The Construction Industry and its basics

The mushrooming research and development has led to a steep rise in the popularity of the construction companies. Construction is one industry that has been keeping its employees busy, due to the huge requirement and endless demand of machinery and constructional designs that come along to setup your dream project. This state of the industry […]

Kochi emerging as a hot location in Indian real estate market

The mere mention of the state of Kerala conjures up images of a place that is blessed with scenic landscape, and calm & soothing ambience. The place is the favorite retreat of an endless number of people who make regular trips to take a break from their maddeningly fast-paced lives. The beauty and tranquility of […]