5 Reasons Your Office Needs a Multi-Function Device

Mutli-Function Devices (MFDs) are pieces of technology that vastly improve production and efficiency for any business. They have the potential to save a company thousands of dollars while increasing profits by way of streamlining productivity in the workplace. There are five main reasons why you should consider an MFD for your office: 1. They do […]

3 ways Tablet Computers Are Changing the Way We Learn

With the growing popularity of tablet computers and the rise in mobile devices, this technology has the potential to significantly impact the way we absorb information. Consumers are smitten with these sleek, portable computers and find that, more often than not, the powerful applications reach far beyond fun and games. Tablet computers have the ability […]

PC May Soon be a Device of the Past

According to sales statistics, smart phone devices outsold PC’s in the 4th quarter of 2011 by over 100 million units despite a growth of 15% in the PC market. OnlineCasinoAustralia.com.au predicts that these statistics mark the beginning of the end for the PC as the central computing device. The computer industry recognises the convenience of […]

Find the Perfect Gaming Mice For Your Laptop

The mouse is one of the things we come into contact with the most while using a computer. On a laptop, it’s indispensable. It helps us aim accurately when playing games, typing documents, and basically everything else we do. Without the mouse, we’re just using the sloppy touchpad. While a cheap and generic mouse will […]

A Bundle of Thanks to the Best Cell Phone Spy

I have been doing business for many years now and I thought it was about time that I rested and let my son take care of the work. New to this field, my son knew very less about business and how to handle employees. Every now and then a few employees would come up to […]

Top 10 Reasons Why You need to Internet Bill Of Rights

When the US government recently tried to pass SOPA (Stop Piracy Online Act), millions of outraged internet users protested and many were made aware for the first time that their freedom online was at risk. Here is a look at ten reasons why we need a bill of rights. Firstly, an internet bill of rights […]

Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting Services

Mobility and portability is the demand of our generation. Since the present generation is always on the move and there are commitments that demand your attention even while you travel; mobility and portability of data and services are becoming intrinsic to our daily life. Cloud hosting provides you with web hosting services via some connected […]

What is Siri Saying and Things You Need To Know

The world waited with bated breath before the release of the iPhone 4S into every notable mobile phone shop on the planet. Well, it seems like the world is still waiting but in a different way. SIRI, the personal assistant aka artificial intelligence which is a unique feature of the iPhone 4S responds to questions […]

Going Mobile Can Help Business Growth for Insurance Companies

With the growth of smart phone users, application development has not only become more common; it has become a significant contributor to the profitability of a business. Having applications developed can increase customer interaction with a company, increase brand awareness, and spur new potential clients to make a purchase. When it comes to insurance companies, […]

Alienware Vs Asus – Choosing the Best Gaming Laptop

Alienware and Asus are gaming laptops that are both attractive and powerful. However, when planning to have one, it is important to choose the best product. Thus, it can help comparing the different features and functionalities of these gaming laptops.  Pricing When choosing gaming laptop, it is necessary to compare the price. Obviously, the price […]