What the Latest in HDMI Technology

HDMI Technology is probably the fastest growing audio visual technology in existence today. Its use has rapidly progressed due to the adoption of blu-ray technologies as well as the massive popularity of high definition televisions. However, the technology has not been without problems. HDMI, introduced in 2003, brought plenty of well-known advantages over similar A/V […]

Google Android Ice Cream will be Launch Next year

Soon Google will launch the next version of Android Operating System.┬áIts Android 2.4 Ice Cream. It will be launch Next year in Summer. Expected that it comes with amazing features much better than present versions of Android.Experts said that it will be the milestone in Android industry. It gives the best features to a smartphone. […]

AmitBhawani is now TechAdvices with Better Look and Navigation

AmitBhawani.com is a technology website which includes topics like Adsense, SEO, how to guides, Blogging tips etc. It is the top most websites in India which is read by many readers in India and also worldwide. This amazing tech Blog moved to a new unique name TechAdvices.com. This website mainly focus on technology matter and […]

Why Nokia Mobiles are the Best Choice in India

Its a great question! There are so many reasons on this topic, In India Nokia mobiles are the best choice in urban as well as rural areas because of its good specification and nice response. Indian people always think that the product they buy should be original and best in use. Nokia gives all the […]