5 Ways to Generate Mega Traffic to your Website

Traffic is imperative for any website as it gives requisite exposure which helps websites reaches higher page rank. Traffic is rightly regarded to be the important component of a website as in its absence; websites will crumble like pack of cards since no body will visit it. Thereby, it will not fetch any business as […]

How to Create Clean Coming Soon Page in Photoshop

Creating a coming soon page is a good way to keep people up to date on when your new event or website will arrive. With this article you will be able to create a clean and crisp coming soon page. With this article you will be able to create a page that allows you to […]

3 ways Tablet Computers Are Changing the Way We Learn

With the growing popularity of tablet computers and the rise in mobile devices, this technology has the potential to significantly impact the way we absorb information. Consumers are smitten with these sleek, portable computers and find that, more often than not, the powerful applications reach far beyond fun and games. Tablet computers have the ability […]

How to Install your WordPress Blog on Hostgator

Web Hosting plays a vital role for any website especially for WordPress Blogs. You can find hundreds of companies which are providing web space for WordPress blogs and websites. Now days Hostgator is the first love of Bloggers. Mostly in Indian people are going for Hostgator India to create their blogs and sites, this is […]

How to Create Specified Steps Blend in Adobe Illustrator

Blend is a unique tool in the list of tools in Adobe Illustrator. It helps in creating cool effects using lines and figures. Lets find out how you can use this tool on your illustrations. There are two Blend options available in Illustrator: First is available in the menu bar – Object > Blend and […]

How to Make a Perfect Twitter Account

Doing Tweet through Twitter is the common trend of today world. Everyone from small person to big one use Twitter to express his view, thought, ideas and putt comment on it. The most impressive thing about Twitter is that you can use any style of language from rude to humor, simple to hard. The another […]

How to Disable Facebook Timeline App from Your Profile

Some people got rid of with New Facebook Timeline features and trying to remove this Timeline Feature to apply the old profile look to their profiles. But this is somewhat tricky work for the people who are not very good these kind of things.  The Timeline feature looks great because all the updates and pictures […]

How to Recharge your CDMA Mobile Online

In today’s internet world you don’t need to go into any shop for shipping, bill payments or mobile recharge. Each and every process is now available online and surely for free, I mean no extra charges. Rather most of the companies like BSNL offer 1% discounts on such a online recharges and payments. Some people […]

How to Choose a Micro SD Card for Your Mobile Phone

It’s not that long ago that all we needed to hold in a phone memory was a few contacts.  They hardly took up a lot of space and, simple things that they were, the technology didn’t need to be particularly advanced to be able to do the job.  Now, though, we’re using our phones for […]

How to Fix PST File Errors in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the world’s most widely used programs. Unfortunately, like any computer program, it’s not immune to errors. Here’s how to fix some of the most common problems with Microsoft Outlook, including the infamous PST file error. Fixing PST errors The PST file is one of the most important parts of Microsoft […]