How to Give 3D Interface to a Basic Android Version

There is a huge competition in Mobile Industry. Every Mobile Brand is presenting their awesome mobiles in the market. There is lot of demand of 3D interface mobiles in the market. Most of the mobile company introduced their 3D interface mobiles among users. This is because 3D gives full mobile entertainment to the user. It […]

How to connect Nokia Mobile to Apple Mac OS with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the best way to connect with any multimedia gadget or other Bluetooth supportable computers. Bluetooth make file transfer very easy between Bluetooth devices. Take an example of your mobiles. You always connect via Bluetooth to share your files with your friends. You can share images, music, videos etc via Bluetooth. Its a revolutionary […]

How to Convert High Quality Videos for your Mobile Phone

Any mobile video looks better if it consist of good video quality with clear pixels and resolution. It feels good to see good clear quality videos on your mobiles. There are many convertors which are used worldwide to convert videos for mobiles in different formats like 3GP, 3GPP, Mp4 etc. But sometimes videos are lacked […]

How to Set Up Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard in Mac OS

Apple provide amazing Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with iMac and Macbook. These comes with an eye catching design and look. Today most of the Computer user want wireless devices connected to their Computer and Laptop. Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboards are successfully occupied the market with their genuine and smart devices. Sometimes people get confused […]

How to Hide Files and Folders in Nokia Mobile Phone

There is no inbuilt app or utility to lock your files and folders in Symbian Nokia Mobiles. Mobile users always seek for the option to lock their files and private folders in their personal mobiles. You can enter a password in memory card only but it does not work when the mobile is switched on. […]

How to Add Floating Share Buttons to Blogger Blog

These buttons are very popular among bloggers. Most of the top blogs added this feature for sharing purpose. All these cool buttons are good in look and attracts many visitors to your blog. These buttons are very demanding that is why i am posting this post consist of the sharing button code below. You can […]

How to Enable Facebook Timeline Feature in a minute

Recently Facebook announced the Timeline Feature for their users. Its a new look for your Facebook homepage, you can get all the updates of your friends and family in a new way. Enabling it is quite difficult for newbie but in this tutorial you will get step by step instructions to enable it in a […]

How to Send Facebook Like Button Smiley in Facebook Chat

We all know that Facebook is the most popular social networking site ever made. It helps us to connect with friends and family. There are millions of Facebook account around the web and most are live accounts. Users love to use Smileys is the Facebook chat. It delivers the emotions between friends. There are many […]

How to activate windows 7 online without key

Many Computer users finding how to activate Windows 7 for free on Internet. Then I research for this solution and find some amazing tricks to activate it genuinely and for a long long use. You can apply it for free and enjoy the full version without any problem in your Computer or Laptop. People mostly […]

How to Delete History in Apple Safari Browser to make it Load Faster

If your Safari browser have lots of history of previous browsing and you are not ableĀ  to clear these histories then here you can find a simple trick here to clear all the history of previous days in your Safari Browser. This method makes safari to load fast and make it light to launch. Clear […]