How to Install Fonts in Mac OS using Font Agent Pro

In this Tutorial You can find how to Install Fonts in Mac OS using Font Agent Pro. Its very Unlike to Windows. In Windows you can easily install your required fonts in the C Drive. But in Mac OS its little bit different as compared to Windows and quite tricky. Below you can find easy […]

How to Close Unresponding Application quickly in Mac OS

Quit a program or Application in Mac OS is Simple like Windows. But Some users who are new to Mac OS face problems when any application is not responding and hang the Computer for minutes. This problem is mainly seen by XP users who are very new to Mac Operating system. Unlike Windows Mac OS […]

How to Get Custom Domain name for Your Blog

If you owned a blog on blogger and do not have a custom domain, you are not getting enough traffic to earn money. Simply you have to get your custom Domain for your Blog. This post will discuss about the custom domain and reasons for having it.   Reasons to choose a custom domain: It […]

How to Format Your Pen Drive using Mac

Its a common question asked by iMac users or those who are new to use iMac OS. Unlike Windows Mac OS do not support direct format options in My Computer. In this OS you have to to some different steps which are quite complicated as compared to Windows. Many iMac OS users can’t find how […]

How To enable Screen Zoom in Apple iMac OS X Snow Leopard

Mostly iMac users don’t know how to enable your system Screen Zoom function. Its a unique thing you can do with your iMac. It helps to view your images on screens and other kind of Stuff in your desktop in a larger view. It is very easy and fast trick to see anything in the […]

How to Download FLV Videos from Any Website

In many sites there are generally FLV or Flash videos. Some peoples required to download these kind of videos. But they face many problems while downloading these kind of videos. Here we will discuss how to download FLV videos easily from any kind of websites which contain FLV videos.   Internet provide many plugins to […]

How to Uninstall Quick Heal Trial Version Antivirus Completely

Its a common problem faced by people who use tiral version of Quick heal Antivirus in their systems. After 30 days of use you cannot install trail version of this Antivirus properly, it could not work because your registry is not cleaned. To use this Antivirus again, you have to clean your registry where the […]

3 Advanced After Effects Tutorial Websites

On Internet many websites are providing AE tutorials and other plugins, Many beginners always try to get basic tutorials to learn firstly. Here I am providing some useful links which provide awesome After Effects tutorials from begginers – Moderate and Advance. These website provide maximum output to their learners.  You can learn from basics to […]

How to Make Desktop Look Better

Everyone who use computer or laptop or mac wants a better look for their desktop. In my words Nice desktop add fuel to our ability to do work. Here are some tips that makes your desktop look better. I recommend to use these tips if you have Atleast 1 GB of ram or more because […]

How to Download videos using Safari on Mac

People always keep finding shortcut methods to download videos from browser they are using. In this post i will tell you how to download videos directly from your current safari browser. Here are steps to download videos from safari browsers: 1. Open videos website like you-tube or any other website. just play the video in […]