Ways to Coupon without Going Extreme

With TV shows such as TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”, stores may have caught on and it is now hard to leave with carts of groceries for little or no money (not that most people could, but there must be a reason why the fad has seemed to die down and are not even airing episodes any […]

Has the MS Surface Pro 3 finally gotten it right? Part 2 of 2

Welcome back. If you read Part 1 of this 2 Part blog series you know that we really like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 a lot. What we don’t like however is Windows 8. In our opinion the shoddy combination of a touchscreen and traditional Windows desktop is really a train wreck when used together. […]

Personal 3D Printing – The Next HUGE Thing

Imagine that you’re the owner of a high-end auto repair shop and, when a new client brings in their sports car, the one part that you need is also the one part that you don’t have in stock. Then imagine that, instead of ordering the part and waiting for to come, you simply print a […]

The Evolution Of Games: How Far Have They Made It?

Games have been a reliable source of entertainment for thousands of years. When a long day of work is over,there is nothing like relaxing at home, unwinding, and playing a fun game. They not only help people to relax, butthey bring a smile to the players as they socialize and help them to forget about […]

Customising WordPress to Enhance Ranking

Over 80% of WordPress sites rely on the basic settings used by WordPress when it is initially installed. By customizing the features you can set your site apart and above all of these sites with minimal effort and little technical know-how. Optimise Titles for Each Post The default setting for WordPress places the blog title […]

How to Improve Your Home Entertainment System

Improving your home entertainment can be tricky. Some people invest in all the right products but have no idea about how to properly set up each of its components. Others aren’t able to afford state of the art technology and want to make the most of the entertainment system they already have, but aren’t sure […]

The Benefits of Buying a Used Laptop

When it comes to technology, everyone wants to buy new. The new gadgets are the shiniest, the most up-to-date, the most well known. Or are they just the most advertised?  The Power of AdvertisingWe’re constantly bombarded by advertisements, and these days adverts are becoming so insidious that often we don’t even know we’re being marketed […]

Macbook Air 2013: A new Vision from Apple

One of the hottest topics doing the rounds in Macbook Air gossipland at the moment is the eye question. And yes that is ‘eye’, not ‘I’. We’re talking retina here. And to paraphrase a certain play: to retina, or not to retina, that is the question. I’m talking about Apple’s widely predicted June re-launch of […]

Setting Up and Using Group Texts for Your Charitable Organization

Texting is becoming more popular than ever as a preferred manner of communication and in many ways, it has a language all its own. It’s a great way to reach people with quick questions or just to stay in touch, but if you run a charitable organization, then sending a group text can actually help […]

Why IT Jobs Are a Great Choice for Many

The IT domain is extremely diversified and when interested in finding the right career for your future, considering it is a must. You will most likely run into a series of positive aspects, but also some negative parts that may chase you away. The truth is that no industry is perfect from all points of […]