Best widgets for blogger which make your blog professional

Every Blogger wants that his Blog look great and professional. Some Bloggers install many widgets in their blog, it results heavy blog size and inappropriate flow of the Blog. Blogger have to use less widgets in their Blogs so the size could be small and easy to load. Your visitors like the site if it […]

Top Website which provide Best Blogger templates

Template plays unique role in Blogs. Bloggers choose best templates which suits their website much but sometimes they can’t find better and suitable template for their Blogs, they used to install any other template which does not satisfy them because there are so many templates on the internet for download and they confuse which one […]

Best blogger template for Adsense and Other advertisement program

For any part time or full time Blogger Adsense is the best choice to earn but its very important to choose relevant template for using adsense in your Blog. Mostly Bloggers could not get better templates for their blogs and they put any attractive blog in their blogs and websites. These king of attractive templates […]

Top apps for Samsung mobiles Bada Operating system

Gadgets and mobiles are useless without apps. These applications make your gizmo cool and entertaining. You can groove with your gadget with awesome apps available online for free download. Mobile brands launch many apps for their customers to attract them. They frequently include many apps in their products and always try to make their products […]

Prevent your content and images in your website or blog

Its very irritating if anybody copy your content and paste in his website. Many bloggers and website owners do this trick for creating good content because they want to save time. There is one trick which can be helpful in copyright content issues. This trick can be used only in google product Blogger.  This unique […]

Difference between Bluetooth 2.0 and 3.0

Bluetooth 3.0 – Its updated version of Bluetooth which is currently available in all Bluetooth devices. Major companies like Nokia, Sony, Microsoft and Intel are using this latest Bluetooth technology to enhance their products with smarter and greater Bluetooth transfer. This latest technology includes SIG services which is current in use SIG services provide better data […]

Dell Streak WiFi and 3G Mobile with Android Operating System

Big screen tablets making noise in the gadgets market. People making their interest in this direction. Everybody wants bigger screen size and better navigation. Dell introduced Streak which have all these features with greater mobility. Dell is a well known company especially known for his amazing laptops but it also making boom in tablet series. […]

AmitBhawani is now TechAdvices with Better Look and Navigation is a technology website which includes topics like Adsense, SEO, how to guides, Blogging tips etc. It is the top most websites in India which is read by many readers in India and also worldwide. This amazing tech Blog moved to a new unique name This website mainly focus on technology matter and […]

Get Mashable Like Blogger template for your blog

These days there are many free templates for free download on the internet. Many bloggers and website designers download these templates but sometimes they unsatisfied from the downloaded template because of lack of professional design and ads features. This cool template is designed by Franklin manual. He is a professional blogger and designer. I am […]

Apple iPod Touch Nano Price with Specification

Music freak always seek an iPod of great sound quality and mobility. All these features comes with Apple nano touch iPod. It has genuine features and latest function with full touch compatible screen. Design is very nice because its built very sleekly with rocking design. It is full multi touch iPod launched by Apple. Smaller […]