The Top 10 Awesome Gadgets for 2013 (at least for now)

Raise your hand if you love gadgets! Around here we absolutely love them and, as a break from the usual informative (but relatively dry) financial information we’ve got a little treat for you, our dear readers. The following top 10 gadgets are definitely on our radar and, if you love them as much as we […]

7 of the Coolest New Gadgets on the Market (that are Mostly for Men)

We’re big on blogs about all sorts of financial topics around here and yes, we realize that occasionally that stuff gets a little bit dry. Today, just for a bit of fun, were going to look at 7 really cool new gadgets that have hit the market recently (or will be hitting it very soon). […]

10 New products that will change the world. Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2! In our first blog we talked about 5 incredible new products and technologies that will surely change the world over the coming years. From augmented reality glasses to 3-D laser printers that you can use at home the products that we’re highlighting are all revolutionary in their ideas and design […]

10 New products that will change the world. Part 1

Technology today is moving at light speed and it seems that every week there’s a new product that comes along that is simply amazing. The 10 new products that were going to be talking about in this 2-part blog series are all ‘wow’ type of products that, as far as we can see, are going […]

Phone Apps, the 8th Wonder of the World

Phone apps have become as common place as drinking water, in fact the word “application” has been all but edged out of existence thanks to its leaner competitor “app”.  While the Blackberry was undoubtedly the first real smartphone, we truly have Apple and it’s now infamous iPhone to thank for the barrage of apps we […]

Do you need an App to help you with your Budget? Yes, you do

One of the best things that you can do financially is to set up a budget and stick to it. That, however, is easier said than done. Many people start out with the hope of finding out where they are wasting money, spending less and  stuffing as much cash into their savings and retirement plans […]

New Technology Making a Nurse’s Job Easier

Nurses have a physically demanding job, despite contrary belief, especially someone with a Ph.D in nursing. If you are a nurse, you are always moving from place to place. Nurses, on average, spend almost an hour just answering the phone each time. This isn’t including the time they spend doing other tasks, such as walking […]

Fitbit Flex is Wired’s choice for an almost perfect sleep and activity tracker

There have been quite a few devices introduced to the market in the last few years to help people to track their sleep habits at night and their weight loss activities during the day. Feedback that these devices give can help someone to become more active or get a better night’s rest and indeed some […]

Stick with Verizon Wireless?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the latest or not, but T-Mobile is making a huge bid for market share in the wireless industry!  They have recently announced a new shared plan that would allow two people on the same plan to have unlimited minutes, texts, and data for about $120 a month.  I dont […]

I Love My New Dell XPS 12

I’ve had the same laptop for about 6 years now, a Dell, that has lasted longer than I thought I would.  But it has been slowly fading on me for the past year and left me with no choice but to purchase a new laptop.  Since this is a once in a decade moment for […]